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Race, Performance and Show Horses are stalled, stressed, given severe and/or inconsistent exercise, trailered, fed high grain diets and lowered amounts of hay or pasture, wormed and treated with antibiotics. The results are lowered and inconsistent digestive bacteria and enzymes, causing poor nutrient absorption in the stomach and small intestine, and poor fermentation in the hind gut.

In altering a horse's lifestyle we compromise its natural digestive bacteria and process. Equine Choice probiotics restore and replenish digestive enzymes and bacteria, returning the horse to its healthy digestive process...naturally!

Equine Choice probiotics are a source of live, protected and reproducible yeast cultures, plant digest, live enzymes and healthy bacteria which create and support a balanced and healthy digestive process. Equine Choice ensures absorption of starches, proteins, minerals and nutrients in the stomach and small intestine. It further ensures consistent PH in the hind gut, the cecum, and large and small colon for fermentation of fibre and roughage ingredients, and re-absorption of water.

Used for situations requiring extremely high levels of enzymes and bacteria to be delivered into the intestinal tract. Common situations would be colic, diarrhea, during antibiotic or anti-inflammatory therapy, chemical de-wormings, new foals, foal heat diarrhea, stressful situations such as weaning, trailering, shows or racing. Normally given at 15 cc/day for 10 days, then onto supplement.

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