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The new Tail-Cover is a “must-have” garment for all barns. Flexible and strong, the horse’s tail is part of his spinal column. It is made up of approximately 18 vertebrae. Overall tail movement is governed by portions of the semitendinosus muscles, which extend over the horse’s rump and attach to the vertebrae. Two arteries pump blood to the tail, but circulation is not efficient in this narrow appendage. As a result, injuries heal more slowly here, and infections tend to persist stubbornly.

FIR products by Back on Track are fused with a safe formula of bio-ceramics called Welltex® emitting beneficial light rays of far infrared energy. These safe waves of FIR energy help increase the circulation and reduce inflammation. Soothing infrared wavelengths help to increase blood flow, which provides nutrients, oxygen and proteins to the area to help relieve pain and inflammation. These tail covers are energized by the power of far infrared rays.

The tail is often overlooked when assessing a horse’s back problems. The tail needs increased blood flow to be relaxed and to function properly. The tail guard is ideal for transporting, pre-competition or for those horses that have had an injury to their rear end, or noticeable back problems.

Velcro makes this product a one size fits all.

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