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YOU StreamZ unique magnetic products introduce a new advancement to the ever growing magnetic therapy market – ‘360º resonance technology’. Advanced magnetism for YOU.

Unlike traditional magnetic products StreamZ advanced magnetism create a series of 360º non-invasive energy fields which create a non-intrusive spinning energy field. This unique magnetic approach creates no heat so the technology can be used 24/7, both pre and post exercise and for long periods of time.

Our latest product in the range offers a 'boost' to users who wear our ankle band but are looking for 24/7 support when wearing an ankle band is not ideal. Developed to support users general wellbeing and worn as a bracelet around either wrist. 

YOU StreamZ magnetic wrist bands are available in 3 sizes (measure before you purchase)

Small - wrist circumference 17.5cm
Medium - wrist circumference 19cm
Large - wrist circumference 20.5cm

Simply stretch the non-toxic silicone bracelet over the hand and into place on the wrist, and get on with your day! (it might be a bit tough the first time)

Note; The silicone wristband is fully waterproof.

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