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EQU StreamZ fetlock/hock bands were developed in the UK and are now available in Canada. They provide a natural response to supporting a variety of health issues found with horses, introducing a new technique in magnetic therapy to the equine market. Unlike traditional magnets StreamZ creates no heat allowing them to be left on for long periods of time and creating a non invasive form of magnetic therapy.

Each pack contains two fetlock bands to be worn by one horse; comfortably wrapped around the cannon or pastern bone on either fore or hind legs and worn for a minimum of 8 hours per day. Designed to fit all breeds and to support issues with mobility (arthritis), inflammation, tendon/ligament issues, kissing spine, navicular, windgalls, energy levels, injuries and much more.

EQU StreamZ magnetic horse bands contain a continuous strip of Streamz material, creating a 360º low-frequency energy field around the horses leg.



Each EQU StreamZ magnetic horse bandcontains a continuous strip of StreamZ material, creating a 360º low-frequency energy field around the horses leg and rebalancing the minerals throughout the horses system.

Traditional magnets have been used for many years to treat a variety of symptoms, often found in boots or rugs. Disadvantages in using more traditional methods include the inability to leave them on for long periods of time due to the heat created by each pulsating magnet and how they only effect local areas.

StreamZ non invasive magnetic horse bands introduce a new technique in how magnetism is deployed – 360º resonance technology, rebalancing the whole body.

StreamZ does not pulse, it spins! This unique process creates no heat allowing the bands to be left on for long periods of time, improving their impact whilst reducing ongoing management time. Lightweight yet robust enough to turn your horse out for long periods of time, easy to fit and simple to wash.

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