HORZE Smoky Twilight Air Mesh Brushing boots

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  • Breathable 3D mesh fabric
  • Durable, padded strikeguard
  • Comfortable neoprene lining
  • Soft binding to avoid chafing
  • Elasticated hook-and-loop straps (2 for sizes S, M, L; 3 for size XL)
  • Horze logo badge
  • Shock absorbing

Ultra breathable leg protection, perfect for summer trainings!

Brushing boots matching the Smoky Twilight collection. Made from thick shock-absorbing 3D mesh fabric for an increased airflow around the horse legs. The strike guard is reinforced to protect like any other brushing boot. A soft binding avoids chafing and elasticated hook-and-loop straps ensure a secure fit.

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