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Ecogold Secure Jumping Pad

Ecogold secure jumping pad, another great product built in Canada by EcoGold. This no slip pad is shaped with the traditional jump saddle in mind. It combines a flexible shock absorption system with modern fabrics that manage moisture in addition to heat dissipation. The seat area features a 100% breathable, high-density shock absorbing foam to protects your horse’s back from impact. Another benefit to a dense rather than thick pad is that it won’t add extra bulk. As a result, there isn’t extra material under the saddle or your leg. Traditional show jumping shape with ultra thin flaps (no padding on flaps) provides the rider with a closer, more stable riding position. The top of the pad is equipped with a no slip material to keep your saddle from slipping in any condition.

  • No Slip Saddle Pad won’t slip or slide, even in the worst of conditions
  • Saddle remains completely secure as a result of the materials used
  • No friction design
  • 100% breathable – wicks moisture away even on the hottest days
    • For really bad sweaters / very hot conditions: Ecogold CoolFit Pads
  • Traditional shape with ultra thin flaps
    • Less bulk under your leg with a closer contact as a result
    • Won’t alter saddle fit due to minimal material under seat

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