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Obsidian 1680D Turnout (150g Medium)

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Discover the enduring comfort and therapeutic benefits of the Back on Track Obsidian 150g Turnout Blanket. Crafted with a sturdy 1650D waterproof and breathable outer, this turnout is your ally against harsh weather conditions. It seamlessly pairs with our array of Rhyolite Liners that are available in 100g and 200g, allowing for varied layering to meet the changing demands of the seasons. A single blanket offering multiple options. Comes with a detachable hood.

At the core of its design is our infrared therapy advantage. This feature aids in promoting a soothing warmth, which can help in enhancing blood circulation and easing muscle tension, a boon for the cold season.

The interior of the Obsidian Turnout Blanket is lined with an anti-static, anti-bacterial, and shine-enhancing lining, ensuring a gentle touch against your horse’s skin, keeping it healthy and vibrant. The  wipe clean tail cord is a thoughtful addition for easy maintenance.

Your peace of mind is our priority; hence the Back on Track® two-year guarantee on waterproofness and breathability, assures you of its lasting quality.

Each Obsidian Turnout Blanket comes in a reusable ‘Bag,’ ensuring practical and protective storage, a testament to our commitment to sustainability and convenience. Embrace the therapeutic warmth and exceptional quality of the Back on Track Obsidian Turnout Blanket, a worthy investment for your equine companion’s comfort and well-being.



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