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Micklem 2 Deluxe Competition Bridle

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Welcoming exceptional innovation with performance, the Horseware Micklem® 2 Deluxe Competition Bridle is the anatomical comfort your horse needs in a bridle!

“Designed to change lives for both horse and rider.”  ~ William Micklem

Embracing a unique bridle design with an updated headpiece, the Micklem® Bridle eliminates pressure around your horse’s sensitive poll and ears to alleviate discomfort and reduce tension.


  1. Eliminates discomfort caused by pressure on the nerves.
  2. Minimizes internal mouth damage.
  3. Overcomes numbness in the lower half of your horse’s face that can be caused by pressure on nerves.
  4. Reduces any discomfort or restriction of breathing caused by low fitting dropped nosebands.
  5. Removes discomfort and pain under the tongue caused by pressure.
  • New Padded Nose Band
    A wider surface with increased softer leather backing for improved comfort.
  • New Bottom Back Straps
    Signature innovative curve to enable the bridle to fit more comfortably around the bit.
  • New Brow Band
    For a more refined and elegant look.
  • Reins Included

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