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MDC ‘S’ Pony Classic™

Patented ‘S’ Stirrup Positioning Technology

   High Performance + Improved Safety


MDC presents the first high performance stirrup for Pony Riders. The MDC ‘S’ Pony Classic™ combines our forward facing design, traditional styling and improved safety for our smallest riders. The 'S'Pony Classic™ is a wonder of engineering and rider safety. Aesthetically pure in design, as well as show ring legal for all competitions, the MDC 'S‘ Pony Classic™ brings advanced stirrup design to the World of Ponies. MDC Stirrups are designed by a professional horseman; from our Saddle to Yours / Horseman to Horseman.


• Patented MDC ‘S’ Pony Classic Stirrups™ with 45º ‘S’ Stirrup Positioning Technology

• Invisible design produces performance advantages with traditional styling

  1. Provides a natural leg and foot position

  2. Ultra low profile, high traction traditional width aluminum tread for greater security

  3. Larger stirrup area gives more clearance for improved safety

  4. Increased safety due to our forward facing design

  5. Easy stirrup retrieval

  6. Available in 2 sizes (4 & 4.25 inches)

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