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  • Warm Winter Riding Gloves - These equestrian gloves are great for riding in the cold with a soft, warm lining that keeps the cold out.
  • Multi-Stretch Fabric - Made of an elastic material that will conform to your hand for a snug fit.
  • Adjustable Cuff - The cuff diameter can be adjusted and fastened for comfort and security.
  • PU Leather Grip - The entire underside and palm area is made of PU leather that provides effective grip while you ride.
  • Glitter Details - A subtle, sparkly band on the backside of each glove adds a bit of style.

Trendy gloves to keep you warm and stylish this winter!

These chic, well-fitting gloves feature glam sparkle details to brighten up cold days. The warm lining will protect your hands from the cold. The elastic material will stretch to your hand size and the PU leather provides great grip while you ride.


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