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Hay Nag Tri-Colour Hay Net

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2" Slow Feed Nylon Hay Net made from Triple ply twisted Polyethylene for a long lasting net.
This hay net allows horses to eat continually through the 2" x 2" flexible diamonds feeder holes to satisfy the natural need to graze. This nylon net keep a steady flow of roughage going to the stomach, helping to reduce stomach acids and improve digestion. This hay net decreases the amount of hay loss, keeping less hay under foot and scattered about.
  • 2" x 2" diamonds keep horses eating slowly to meet the natural need to graze
  • Nylon rope construction for exceptional strength and it's resistance to mildew and abrasions
  • Holds 3 flakes of hay to keep horses 'grazing' for the day/night or for longer trailer rides
  • 46" long
  • Colour: royal/lime/pink

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