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The new Back on Track® Grace jacket is a lightweight coat with DuPont® padding. It is an elegant design, befitting the stable, as well as at the office, during a relaxing walk, or while you are preparing for or recovering from a workout. Two way Zipper with zip guard at front offers extra comfort, Iontex® lining at the upper body could help you to ‘prepare, perform and recover’ (even from sore shoulders or neck area), along with a tailored fit, faux leather logo on the left upper arm, two “invisible” front pockets with concealed zippers. Made from a thin, high quality Ripstop fabric with a fake down filling from DuPont®, a smooth fake down that contains several air pockets (the padding is, mainly, made from renewable plant-based material and is ECO efficient). The materials have been chosen, due, in part, to the brands values; to create well-being for humans and animals.Thanks to the superior padding, the jacket retains its warmth even if it gets wet.

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