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  • Effective Noise Reduction: These lightweight horse ear plugs are made of a dense closed-cell foam which effectively blocks most noise so your horse can show, train, or graze in peace and quiet.
  • 3 Pairs of Ear Buds: Each order conveniently comes with six ear buds in case you have multiple horses or need a replacement. The maximum diameter of the Horse size is 1 5/8" (40 mm), which will fit most standard-sized horses.
  • Comfortable Fit: Constructed of a soft, lightweight PU rubber that will sit gently in your horse's ears. Simply squeeze the ear plug and insert into your horse's ear - the non-slip foam rebounds slowly, gently conforming to the shape of your horse's ear and providing a snug and comfortable fit.
  • Re-Usable: Simply wash these ear buds with regular soap and water after each use and dry with a towel, and they will be ready for use again!
  • Durable: The PU rubber foam is resistant to tears and cuts, and will retain its shape even after many uses.

Equinavia Ear Buds are perfect for competitions, riding, traveling, clipping or new surroundings.

Equinavia equine ear buds are designed to help reduce the horse’s perception of sound which enables the horse to remain calm and focused. These lightweight ear buds are made of a dense closed-cell foam which is more effective for blocking most of the noise and will adapt to the shape of the horse’s inner ear, making it easy to insert into the horse's ear. The surface of the ear bud has nonslip properties which will keep them secured in the ear while using.

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