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The Training Halter is designed for both groundwork and riding exercises, offers multiple precision points and sturdy construction for optimal communication between you and your horse.
- More precision while training
- Can be used for groundwork or riding
- Sturdy halter
- Finished with durable leather

This Training Halter is crafted with multiple precision points which ensures an optimal communication between you and your horse. It allows more precise cues and responses. Constructed with durability in mind, our halter offers reliability and longevity.

The Training Halter is ideal for groundwork or riding, we do not recommend it for any other use.

This halter has a secure fit around your horse’s head without compromising on comfort.

Featuring leather accents over the nose and at the end of the rope, this halter combines functionality with style.

The buffalo leather finishing enhances the halter's durability and strength.

Material Buffalo leather
Use Training

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