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Crafty Ponies, their equipment, and accessories are made as realistic as possible to teach children how it all looks, works and fits.  

The mane and tail are made from cotton and are specially designed so they can be combed and braided.  Instructions for braiding manes and tails are in the Crafty Pony booklet that comes with the pony. 

Children learn how to safely handle and care for a pony using accurate and functional replicas of real saddles, bridles, blankets, and more!  Equipment and accessories sold separately each with their own instruction booklet.    

Imaginative role play is a valuable benefit of Crafty Ponies while instructions focus on the safe handling of ponies and horses! 

There are many colours to choose from - start your collection today!

Suitable for all ages!

Crafty Pony 25cm H x 48cm L x 16cm W

Includes 20 page illustrated Instruction Booklet provided in English and French.



This pony is sold with a:


Crafty Ponies Stable Box opens up to become a sturdy stall for Crafty!  This beautifully detailed glossy cardboard box stall offers shine and dimension! 

The inside and outside of the stall is printed with bedding, hay, water buckets and more.  The box has a removable cardboard field for your pony to graze.  Flip it over and there is an arena for hours of learning and play!  The door can also be cut so that it opens.

Included with this wonderfully versatile box is a fully illustrated Dressage Arena booklet in English and French. 

Dimensions:   17cm H x 29cm W x 44cm L

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