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Anti-Slip Gel Pad - Clear

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  • Designed to infill withers where muscle atrophy, lack of development, and muscle imbalance is apparent
  • Anatomically shaped to fill high withers where muscle cover is minimal and requires development
  • Fits all saddles
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Suitable for aged horses
  • Helps horses whose backs may have become sensitive from constant saddle slip
  • Easy fit
  • Ideal for show saddles
  • Made from hypo allergenic, non-toxic, odor and bacteria absorbing, highly flexible gel material

This multi-use gel pad hides under your saddle for discreet, non-slip support.

The Horze Anti-Slip Gel Pad provides a high degree of shock absorption and soft tissue protection. An excellent choice for horses with atrophied withers, the anatomic contouring of varied thickness is the perfect padding for vulnerable horses. Designed for the horse's comfort, the dome shape is about an inch thick in the middle and tapered to the edges. This pad raises the saddle correctly providing a secure, comfortable fit. The gel pad is perforated to allow airflow and keep your horse cool. Non-toxic gel is easy to clean. Spine: 20 1/2". Front Width: 16". Back Width: 14 1/2".

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