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Gel Front Riser Pad - Clear

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  • Achieve the Perfect Saddle Fit - This front riser pad gently lifts the saddle about 1" at the pommel so you can ensure that the saddle fits comfortably for you and your horse. Ideal for older horses, or ones with high withers, or a weak or sore back.
  • Anatomically Shaped - The soft pad conforms to your horse's back for maximum comfort and relief.
  • Non-Toxic and Breathable - Made of a non-toxic gel that allows airflow so your horse doesn't get sweaty and uncomfortable while riding, even after a long period of time. Easily washable with soap and water.
  • Extremely Lightweight Anti-Slip Gel - This pad is designed to go unnoticed while correcting the saddle fit, weighing just a few pounds. The soft gel also prevents slipping so that the pad and saddle stay put!
  • May Be Used Directly on Back or Saddle Pad - Customize the look and fit of your saddle by applying the front riser pad directly to your horse's back, or on top of another square saddle pad.

Keep your horse comfy while you ride with this lightweight gel pad that's anatomically shaped for your horse.

The Horze Gel Front Riser Pad provides a great saddle fit to help prevent soreness and sensitive spots. An advanced gel material holds the position of the pad securely and can be used directly on your horses back. The non-toxic gel allows the skin to breathe and elevates the saddle in the front. Easy clean. Drop to one size: 9". Spine: 9 " Thickness: 1".

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