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Veredus Carbon Gel Absolute Front Tendon Boot with absolute protection in carbon and gel, by Marcus Ehning.

Wider, stronger, safer: the new frontier of absolute protection. Veredus has developed a concept of total protection by extending the gel and carbon protective surface from the flexor tendon to the fetlock.
• Shell made of Bayer Polyurethane that is high resistant, flexible, not affected by temperatures
• Anatomical shape that perfectly corresponds to the shape of the limb, without creating
needles pressure or limiting movements This new shell has a shape that improves fitting, especially in size L
• Double Injection the high density insert is 5 times denser than the lower density shell These 2 parts of the horse boot form a single piece, there are neither glue nor stitching extremely protective and flexible
• Total protection extension of the protective surface of carbon and gel from the flexor tendon to the fetlock in an innovative inverted Y shape
• Double ventilation the heat released from the horse’s leg passes through the microperforated neoprene layer and is then distributed in the 3 D mesh ducted fabric Thanks to this material the ventilation is everywhere

Sold as a pair.

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