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Flexible mouthpiece to prevent the horse from leaning on the bit
• Cuprion mouthpiece that stimulates the acceptance of the bit
• Bit gives the rider more control over the horse


The Waterford dee ring bit contains stainless steel bit rings in the shape of a D, which cannot move freely. The mouthpiece consists of several links that can move in any direction. These flexible links make it more difficult for the horse to chomp at the bit and lean on the bit. Thanks to the flexibility of the mouthpiece, the bit is suitable for many horse mouths, even if the horse has a thicker tongue.

Product features:
This bit is made of stainless steel rings and a Cuprion mouthpiece. Cuprion is an alloy of 91% copper, 5% zinc and 4% silicon. The temperature of the copper adapts to the body temperature of the horse. This ensures that the horse accepts the bit more easily. The oxidation process of the material gives a pleasant smell and taste.

The BR Waterford is great to use during training to improve the posture and reaction of the horse. Ithas been developed to give the rider more control without the horse hanging or leaning on the hand. This bit ensures that aids are clearly passed on the horse and has a rather sharp effect. That is why this bit is especially suitable for experienced riders.

The Dee-ring bit has fixed cheek pieces, aids will therefore have a more direct effect This type of bit is often easily accepted as it offers stability. The form of the bit prevents it from being pulled through the mouth and provides a lateral guiding effect.

Ring size: 70 mm
Thickness of the bit: 18 mm

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