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Shock absorbing half pad that evenly distributes the rider's weight.  

 Made from a lightweight material with a filling that moulds to the horse’s back for a perfect custom fit. The pad will evenly distribute pressure and provide extra volume where needed. 

 Lined with Welltex® technology to enhance blood circulation and support the muscles. 3D Mesh and Air Tech ensure high breathability and ventilation for best comfort. The anatomical shape and anti-slip suede patches provide good stability for the saddle.  

 A highly functional pad that provides extra comfort for both horse and rider. 


Features & Benefits:

  • Welltex® Technology
  • 3D Mesh and Air Tech
  • Lightweight
  • Moulds to the horse's back
  • Shock-absorbing system
  • Low/Medium profile



The product should be kept clean for maximum effect. The minerals that give the effect are woven into the material and cannot be washed or worn off. Always follow the washing instructions on the label of the product. Machine wash warm. Use regular detergent. Do not wash with bleach or fabric softener. Do not dry clean. Do not iron. Air dry or tumble dry low only. 

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