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Flexible brush boots in 3D Mesh, with a shock-absorbing and pressure-distributing padding to protect the horse's legs from bumps and injuries. Highly breathable to prevent overheating. Strong and reinforced Velcro fasteners ensure a comfortable fit. Stylish design with synthetic leather over the reinforced area and the ends of the straps.

The inside has a Welltex ® lining to give your horse the best conditions for both performance and recovery. This technology can stimulate blood circulation in the area by reflecting the body's infrared energy and can support the tendons and joints.

These versatile and user-friendly brush boots are suitable for both front and hind legs. We recommend sizing up for the hind legs.

Size Small, Medium - 2 Velcro Straps  Size Large, XLarge - 3 Velcro Straps

- Welltex® technology
- High breathability
- PU leather
- High breathability
- Shock absorbing padding
- 3D Mesh
- Reinforced Velcro fasteners
- Designed for both the front and hind legs

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