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Exclusive dirt-removing brush with pointed wooden back. The side grip hollows ensure perfect handling.

Description of use:

The dirt-removing brush - in the traditional shape with point and angled edge - is used for pre-cleaning very dirty shoes. Before you start cleaning, the shoe must be dry. First of all, brush the shoe all over to remove the coarsest dirt (dried soil, mud, sand,...). Then with the angled edge (back part of the brush), the dirt deposited in the seam between the leather and the sole is removed. With the point (front part of the brush), hard deposits are then removed from the ridges in the sole. Finally, the shoe is brushed once again with the strong, synthetic bristles and then it is wiped over with a damp cloth. Then the actual polishing of the shoe can start.

Dimensions: Back: 18 cm, Bristles: approx. 2.0 cm
Suitable for: all leather and textiles

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