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The Lynn is a sporty and light slip-in glove for summer, for female riders looking for a cool design and fashionable colors. Manufactured without a hook and loop fastener, its cut has been precisely tailored to the anatomy of a women’s hand for that perfect fit. features Rail Finger Cut, which means that the fabric has been pulled over the fingertips to protect them against abrasion and day-to-day wear and tear of barn activities and on the reins. The palm is made from robust and comfortably soft Duradero synthetic suede with antislip Silicone-Grip trimming, ensuring a secure hold on the reins. The back of the hand is made from lightweight and extremely elastic mesh with Lycra for a great deal of play and mobility of the fingers, as well as outstanding breathability, and consequently also ultimate wearing comfort. In addition, the Lynn incorporates the Touchscreen Compatible feature allowing you to type on a smartphone with the glove on, and it also has the soft-wipe thumb for wiping away sweat. Machine-washable at 86 degrees Fahrenheit (30 ° Celsius).

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