ARISTA Elise Genest 'Fall in Love' ( Fall Weight)

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'Fall in Love'' fall weight quarter zip is a collaboration with Canadian fine artist Elise Genest. Elise's passion for painting horses matched perfectly to the Arista brand, inspiring 'must-have' equestrian fashion pieces. 'Fall in Love' pairs beautifully with chestnut, black, grey, cream and white breeches and outerwear and features slimming black side panels and dancing legwork on back.

Made from Brio-tek 200, this shirt is the perfect base layer for fall/winter riding.  Arista's Brio-tek shirts are an essential piece in every rider's closet. Moisture-wicking fall/winter Brio-tek 200 contains 21% spandex to ensure total freedom of movement while you ride, and the surface has been lightly brushed to feel luxuriously soft and eliminate chafing.  All Arista shirts are treated with an environmentally friendly finish to ensure they stay fresh, hygienic and odor resistant. Finished with piping on the front princess seams and a 9” zipper

Made in Canada. 79% wicking polyester/21% spandex

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