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What can the Curry on a Stik’ be used for?
You can use your Curry on a Stik’ for use grooming, massaging, or bathing your animal.

Is the Curry on a Stik’ only made for horses?
The Curry on a Stik’ can be used on horses, cats, dogs, or any other animal or livestock.

How comfortable is Curry on a Stik’ to use?
Curry on a Stik’ is designed with comfort in mind, for both you and your pets. The specially manufactured TPE rubber over lay makes this the perfect ergonomic handle which fits into your hand whether you are a lefty or righty. The balance weight makes this curry very easy to use, the perfect grooming/massage/bathing tool on the market today.

How safe is Curry on a Stik’ to use compared to other curry brushes?
Curry brushes with metal or wire teeth can rip out hair or fur on your pet, and may even cause damage to their skin. With Curry on a Stik’s design and rubber overlay, it makes it easier to curry without applying as much pressure. Not only that, but your pet will love how it feels.

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