BR Saddle Pad Majeur 2 General Purpose

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This comfortable saddle pad with a luxury look has a channel down the spine made of Air Mesh, which increases the circulation of air and thus prevents overheating.

The saddle pad is lined with synthetic sheepskin (100% polyester) at the withers and under the back section (half lined). Synthetic sheepskin is supersoft, lightweight, breathable and very maintenance-friendly. Artificial fur is machine washable at 30°C and can be put in the dryer as well. The saddle pad features a 700 filling with 8 mm foam and a moisture regulating Cooldry mesh lining. In addition, the saddle pad has an anatomically shaped back seam, which reduces the risk of pressure on the spine and withers. Its shock-absorbing properties allow for more comfort for both rider and horse.

It has a luxury look thanks to the quilted synthetic suede and the synthetic sheepskin, which is hardly distinguishable from real sheepskin, maintains its aesthetic qualities and it does not come loose. The saddle pad is fitted with girth loops and retaining straps with Velcro, with a reinforced patch underneath the girth loops.

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